Genomic Data

The WLS has two waves of genetic data. The first wave has ~7000 cases and information on ~80 SNPs. More information about the first wave of WLS genetic data can be found here.

The second wave has ~9000 cases with genetic data from The Illumina HumonOmniExpress BeadChip and are available from either dbGaP or WLS. More information about the wave two data can be found here. If you want to link these data to the phenotypic (survey) data you will need to apply for those data from WLS. Thus we strongly recommend you apply to WLS for both types of data so you only need to complete one application.

The wave two data has been imputed to the 1000 Genomes Project phase 3 reference panel. More information about the imputation can be found here.

Researchers wanting access to either wave of data should follow these instructions.

Polygenic Scores

What is a polygenic score? A polygenic score collapses the effects of genetic variants across the entire genome into a single quantitative measure of genetic risk for a chosen phenotype. Polygenic scores use effect sizes from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for that phenotype as weights. The predictive power of polygenic scores increases with the sample size of the underlying GWAS. Learn more about these scores and how to access them here.